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Resume Consulting + Cover Letter Writing 

When you are writing your resume you may want to consider using a professional recruiter to partner with you to “put your best foot forward”. 

Here are 10 reasons as to why you should partner with a pro.

1. Utilizing a professional to write your resume ensures that your document contains the right information. This information needs to be written in a way that gets noticed when reviewed. Did you know that average recruiter will spend a minute maybe 2 minutes reviewing a resume? You need a dedicated, experienced, above-average partner to review your resume for the best impact.

2. The way that your resume is viewed is key. Flashy graphics, color schemes, graphs, charts or the use of various fonts will be a distraction to the reader. In our many years of corporate recruiting we have seen some resumes that truly gives you a headache just from looking at it much less trying to read it. A professional can and will assist in making your resume be one that is read by key stakeholders.

3. A professional will make the best use of data and metrics to make your resume stand out. The strategic placement of data and metrics are key – the goal is to provide enough information that leaves the reader intrigued to know more about the details. Doing so helps you get to the next step in the process.

4. Keeping it professional – a resume is a very serious document and should be written with that thought in mind. One cannot write a resume as you may communicate on social media.

5. A professional knows the right categories to best present yourself and how to place those on your document. How you set up your resume, knowing what should be highlighted, knowing the order in which to arrange the categories are another important key. These steps to building a resume is one of the important “ingredients” a professional can bring to your document. 

6. Using a professional will ensure the use of wording that will make your resume dynamic to the reader. You truly want to highlight your very personal skills and unique experiences. 

7. Keep it the right length – a professional will create a document that is the right length and not a dissertation or thesis. Keep in mind that you DO NOT need your resume to tell your entire story, you want to leave them wanting to know more, the how and the why of how you accomplished what you did. 1 page may be the best, 2 pages could be a best seller or if a seasoned senior executive maybe 3 pages, of course that would need to be determined.

8. An error free document – Even the very best of us can overlook a mistake. Have you ever heard the old saying “I can’t see the forest for the trees? Meaning you may be too close to something to see the true picture or in this case if you write something, it can be easily overlooked. Most recruiters and hiring managers will tell you that the top reason why resumes get discarded are mistakes in spelling, grammar or incorrect information. 

9. Make sure you are comfortable with the professional that is writing your resume. When selecting the professional ask questions, determine that they have your best interest at heart and not just taking your hard-earned dollars. Also keep in mind that sometimes you get what you pay for, cheaper is not always the best and the most expensive may not be what you need. 

10. Use P3 Integrity Recruiting! We have been in recruiting for over 30 years, P3 has reviewed thousands of resumes, worked with hundreds of hiring managers and filled thousands of career roles/jobs. Let us use our experiences to your advantage. Contact us now.

Cover Letters - 

To be honest some recruiters and hiring managers read cover letters and some do not. When they do they may use the cover letters as a way to reduce the list of candidates. For sure a cover letter will provide you with the opportunity to expand upon your information on your resume, describe why you are a good candidate and allows you to speak to how you match to the key points in the job ad or description. A great cover letter, with a great resume and a great interview, can be a winning combination. If you are using a cover letter some of the same points as to why you use a professional to write your resume pertains also to cover letters. You want to make the best first impression you can make, usually, you can not recover from a bad first impression.  
P3 Integrity Recruiting can help create the right cover letter for you. Get it touch now to get started.