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Interview Preparation + Career Coaching

When you are writing your resume you may want to consider using a professional recruiter to partner with you to “put your best foot forward”. 

Here are 10 reasons as to why you should partner with a pro.

 Here are a few areas that you need to have answers or solutions for:
  • How’s my look, what do I wear - casual, business casual or professional?
  •  Have I done enough research?
  •  What questions should I be prepared to answer - have I practiced?
  •  Have I thoroughly rehearsed? 
  • Do I know where I am going or have the connection information?
  • Reminders and alarms?
  • Do I need questions of my own, do I make notes - Do You? Is it the right ones?
  • Do I sit, shake hands, is body language important?
  • Do I ask for the job and if so how do I do that without making the wrong impression?

Sometimes it helps to talk out what you are thinking with someone that has been in corporate recruiting. That professional can provide you with what recruiters are thinking, what will stand out, what will make the best impression. Does what I am thinking makes sense, what does it mean if I want to change career paths, what can I expect to change and am I comfortable with those potential changes? Are my expectations realistic?  

P3 Integrity Recruiting can assist you with your interview prep and can also provide insight as to your job/career search, does it make sense.