Integrity & Our Philosophy behind Recruiting

Integrity is the heartbeat of P3 – if there is no integrity then you have nothing. The relationships we’ve established, placements we’ve delivered for employers nor the connections we’ve made for individuals seeking positions could have happened without the honesty and integrity we value as a company. We know what  having the exact kind of person needed for a position means for your organization, as well as having someone who isn’t the right fit. We’ve seen how individuals’ lives are tremendously impacted by being placed with the right company. Integrity is not only in who we are, but it’s present in our recruiting process and how we understand and relate to you.

Integrity = Honesty and Transparency and that is at our Core

Integrity, broken down, is honesty and transparency. It’s you seeing us and all of our intentions, as well as us being upfront and honest with you about those intentions. By partnering with us for different recruitment needs, you are entrusting us with poignant responsibilities: to bring the right professionals to you or to bring you to the right organizations and companies. You are trusting that we have your organization’s best interests in mind or that we understand who you are as a professional and can find the best role for you. For our relationship with you to thrive, it is necessary for the veil between us to be removed.  This sets us apart from other firms.

That is a concept we thoroughly understand and work toward perfecting everyday. We can see how much of a difference that makes in your experience as an employer and employee. That is why we deem it so crucial in every aspect of every service we offer and everything we do.

The Personalized Process

Your time and energy is extremely valuable. You don’t have time or efforts to waste–which is why we take every step possible toward personalizing our recruiting process in a way that helps us understand you and your needs, “Measure 10 times and cut once”.  Our process is specific and transparent in such a way where you can trust the steps we take in getting your position filled by the right talent.

  1. Meeting. It starts with a relationship, similar to a marriage that means Honesty, Integrity and Transparency.  Beyond understanding listed needs, there is an understanding and growing that occurs. There needs to be trust and growth. You become more than just a “client”–we work very closely with your needs and how we can aid in your journey toward fulfilling them.
  2. Connecting. Your success is our success, and we don’t experience that success unless you do. We can clearly see how much recruitment would affect you and the relationships you have; we see the significance it holds for you to grow professionally and personally. This is why working with us is partnering with us. A connection and care that goes beyond presenting a set deliverable.  We do NOT throw something against the wall to see if it sticks, so to speak.  
  3. Placing. Our main concern and focus is achieving the right fit for you or your position. Selecting this right person is crucial for their success as well as yours. We are invested in your success as your partner, and that ensures that we will take the time and energy necessary to select the right person for you, rather than just throwing talents your way. Our successes are directly linked–as our partner, if you don’t succeed then we don’t either.
  4. Understanding. Every step of our recruitment process is saturated and propelled by our standard for integrity. Being honest, straightforward, and personable are our focuses in this process. We make it a point to thoroughly understand you, your situation, and treat you how we ourselves would want to be treated.

Quality over Speed

For 30 years, we have been connecting with individuals and organizations alike, recruiting talents and placing professionals in spots that are right for them. After doing this honestly for so long, we understand how it is more important for you to have the right fit for your position rather than have the position filled quickly.  Quality is why we ask what seems to some as too many questions whether it is focusing on an open seat or learning about you as a potential candidate.  When we do this right we take on a role as an advocate.  Not only will we work for what is best for our clients and our candidates but we represent you and ONLY wants what is best for you, client and candidate alike.  Years ago there was a catch phrase used for a consumer products company “Quality Goes in Before the Name Goes On” – that directly resonates with P3 Integrity Recruiting.  

Bringing someone to you who is ready to support, partner with you, and work to bring visions to fruition is the most important outcome. Whether your need is finding the right fit for your own career, or filling a position, we are certainly the best partner for you; and through positive personal interactions, honesty, and integrity we build lasting relationships we accomplish together what needs to be accomplished.

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