How to work with a recruiter to get the best candidates

It can be intimidating or nerve-wracking to put the process of hunting down candidates into the hands of a recruiter you either don’t know or haven’t ever worked with before. But have no fear; P3 Integrity Recruiting is here to share with you on how best to work with a recruiter to assure you’re getting the best candidates for your open positions.

So without further delay, let’s dive into our top tips for how to work with a recruiter for your company.

Screen your recruiter

It’s important to ask the following questions when working with a recruiter:
  1. How long have you been recruiting? How many successful open seats have you filled?
  2. What is the average length of new staff retainment for positions you’ve filled?
  3. What is your strategy in approaching candidates?
  4. What methods do you use to attract the right candidates?
  5. Why recruiting – why do you do recruiting?
  6. What drives you and motivates you?

Set your recruiter up for success

It’s important to give the recruiter as much information as you can about the job requirements in order to get the best candidates for your open seats. You will need to give a recruiter a properly formatted complete job description with as much detail about the position’s job duties, skillset, requirements and the ability to engage with hiring managers using your process to connect as well as your company’s benefits offerings.  Also discuss with your recruiter what would a career path may look like.

Don’t skimp on the company culture talk

Furthermore, companies need to be able to concisely describe their internal culture as to not waste time interviewing candidates who wouldn’t fit in the first place. Someone who may fulfill all the requirements and skillset, as well as being at the senior level you’re looking for, may not be potentially well equipped to work a standard management role in a physical office as they are committed to working remotely.
However, if your company has remote work options, this could be a great fit. This all comes down to giving your recruiter a holistic look not only at your open seats but at your company’s culture at large.  Why would someone want to work for your company?

Sell your Position with Perks

A great way to set your position apart from your competition is to educate your recruiter on your company’s unique perks. 
Things like:
  1. Casual dress code
  2. Remote/Work-from-Home Fridays
  3. Catered Lunches
  4. Continuing education that could range from Lunch and Learns to pursuing a degree
  5. Company Outings – team building activities
  6. Office animal companions
  7. A modern office layout or open seating
  8. Community involvement
  9. Environmental responsibility
These are just a few things that could peak a candidates interest and really put you on the forefront of being seen as a modern, inviting company.

Recruiters are there to be your biggest advocate in selling your company to your future employees, so make sure to give them a bit of your passion in your pitch about your company’s perks.

Don’t have perks? Ask your recruiter what candidates are asking for in companies or industries like yours. This is a great relationship building practice that helps both your company and your recruiter to learn and grow together.

Build that relationship – Lastly it is extremely important that your company and the recruiter you engage build a relationship.  As stated above not only will your chosen recruiter be an advocate but you want and need a trusted partner. Being a trusted partner means:
A recruiter that deals in honesty and integrity.
A recruiter that provides vetted/screened candidates not passing a resume to see if “it can stick to the wall”.
A recruiter that is not driven by how many calls they make or focuses on making their commission.
A recruiter that has your best interest at heart and also the candidates best interest at heart.
A seasoned recruiter that has been on the corporate side and knows what it means to have that open seat.  
A recruiter that believes in and exhibits excellent communications.  

Ready to get started with a recruiter with a proven track record? Contact us today to discuss your open seats.