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How Do I Find a Recruiter to For My Job Search?

How Do I Find a Recruiter to Assist Me With My Job Search?

Before you go searching for a recruiter to assist you with your job search it is important to understand the various types of recruiters that you could encounter. Some people will say that there are 2 types of recruiters I would offer that there are 4 types of recruiters:

Agency Recruiter(s) or Third Party Recruiter(s)

these are recruiters that work for a recruiting firm that have been contracted to identify talent and present that talent to an organization to potentially fill a role with the contracted company. These can be in size from a small boutique recruiting firm to a large mega size firm. These firms are paid a fee by the company to fill the role.

In-House or Corporate Recruiters

these recruiters are employees of the company and are a part of the recruiting or talent acquisition team inside the company. They are paid a salary by the company.

Staffing Firm Recruiters

there are actually different types of staffing firms. I am not talking about the firms that “hunt” for hourly or temporary status employees. I am talking about firms that ask there recruiters to be part time recruiters and part time sales professionals. This is a tough role, as they not only have opening to fill but lead generation targets to try and reach. These recruiters are usually paid a lower salary with the upside being potential commission for winning new clients/sales.


the term headhunter is generally considered a derogatory term for professional recruiters but there are those that work and operate around the other types of recruiters. These recruiters are known to badger companies in trying to get their business, they do not take an interest in the individuals they are “working” to place, push resumes hoping that one of the resumes will “stick” sort of like throwing Jell-O against a wall and hoping it sticks.

Keep in mind all of the above work for the COMPANY in one form or another.

So how do I find a recruiter? Below is a list of ways to identify a recruiter:

  1. Ask colleagues, former co-workers and friends with a background similar to yours who they might recommend, a recruiter that they may have used in the past – of course ask those that you can trust to keep things confidential.
  2. UseLinkedIn – search for recruiters or recruiting firms. Send a LinkedIn connection request. Once connected see if there are any common connections to speak with about their experiences with the firm or recruiter.
  3. Review the recruiter’s activity on LinkedIn – see how active they have been or are. Look at their recommendations.
  4. Review the recruiters LinkedIn profile.
  5. Review the firm’s or the recruiter’s background, how long have they been in recruiting.
  6. Review what they may consider as their specialty – beware of the recruiter that can do “everything”.
  7. Review who they are connected with – firms or individuals that are in your area of interest.
  8. Review the firm’s web site.
  9. Gauge their response or responsiveness – send them a message or a resume and see how they respond, if you meet or speak with them how genuine are they, will they have your best interest at heart. Are they interested in building a professional relationship or looking to get a quick placement?
  10. Do they LISTEN? Do they listen to your needs, goals, wants, wishes and desires?
  11. What does their track record look like – what success have they had.

Once you have determined you need a recruiter (agency or staffing firm) you have to do our part.

  1. Be responsive and timely.
  2. If a time is arranged to connect respect that time and be present and on time.
  3. Be honest in your communications.
  4. Be open to critiques ad suggestions. These could be about your resume, your LinkedIn profile or interview suggestions.
  5. Never contact the employer directly – use and trust your recruiter.
  6. Don’t back out once you have agreed to be a candidate. Take this serious.
  7. New role or not, always say thank you.
  8. Take their calls or respond to their messages in a timely fashion.

Working with a recruiter can be a great experience and to make it a great experience both the recruiter and candidate have to do their part:

  1. Do your due diligence and select well.
  2. Be willing to do your part.
  3. Honest, truthful and open communications are huge requirements.
We hope you found this guide useful in your hunt to hire a recruiter to assist you with your job search. If you’re ready to hire a vetted recruiter, contact us today at P3 Integrity Recruiting.