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Doing the right thing even if no one is watching defines integrity. 

To develop trust with a partner one has to deal with the utmost level of integrity. Truthful representation, your best interest at heart, your advocate and a partner that is honest.  We have 30 years of recruiting/talent acquisition experience and the things that sets us apart from competitors is the relationships we build and the trust we’ve earned.  

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When a candidate accepts an offer and joins a company we equate that to a type of marriage, let’s call it a “recruiting marriage”. We all know that marriages need to be worked on continuously. A “recruiting marriage” begins with that very first conversation with a candidate and grows thereafter with each additional conversation, sharing of information and each step in the interview/hiring process. Once you hire your needed talent we will  create a smooth transition from our support of the candidate to your building the next steps in the relationship. 



We at P3 Integrity Recruiting get excited and a great deal of self-satisfaction when we make a placement.  We look at it from the perspective that we are making a major contribution to an individual’s professional life, making a positive impact on their family, presenting growth opportunities and facilitating an investment in our clients talent that can lead to growth and profitability. 



You need a recruiting partner that understands what having the right fit means.  We will not toss candidates to you to see if they “stick” and we do not chase quotas for contacts, calls or the number of candidates presented.  Working to fill your role with the right person is priority 1 for us and that equates to results.  You will not discover any hidden agendas from P3 Integrity Recruiting when we partner together – so let’s begin a great partnership today.



To our candidates you also have similar desires when you are seeking a new role. You want to be represented the right way.  You want an advocate who understands your drive, your motivations and listens to understand what is important job/career wise to you. We put ourselves in your shoes and want to treat you as we would want to be treated. We will deal with you honestly, ethically, with a high level of integrity and when needed we will be candid. Get in touch with us today.

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What makes us different?

The differentiator for P3 Integrity Recruiting is that we have “lived on”, for over 30 years, the corporate side of acquiring talent.  We completely understand the ramifications to your business, your employees and your related teams when you have that open seat.  The need to fill the seat as quickly as possible yet fill the role with the best in quality is goal #1.  You will not have a better partner who understands your need to meet deadlines, assist with your hiring managers in creating assurance that their role is being addressed and potentially assist you in meeting even exceeding those key success measures. 


P3 Integrity Recruiting

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Integrity is a life where your beliefs and intentions are aligned with your words and actions. – Stephen Lovegrove