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I don’t know about you but 2020 has seemed to be “here” for a decade from COVID 19 pandemic to the legal protests to the looting and senseless acts to everyone being offended by something and a host of other “stuff” that creates challenges every day that has manifested itself into Americans are the most unhappy in decades. Yet we are Americans, even with our issues where would you rather live?  What better place is there?

Working From Home? Returning to the norm?  What is normal?

*We will return to “the norm” at some point. Will we? Do we want to return to the norm or will it (work) look entirely different?

*Working from home or remotely has done several things: Proven that work can be productive (maybe more so) outside of an office setting.  Technology is here that can support working from anywhere.

*If you do continue to work from home or remotely you may want to do the following:
1. Create a designated work area – can be a challenge for some.
2. Never do work in your bed or bedroom.
3. Put on clothing “for work” (mindset trick).
4. Segment your day (driven by milestones).
5. Have blackout hours (You can blur lines even if you work at the office.
6. Meet colleagues/friends for lunch periodically.
7. Change scenery as you need.
8. Build a network of remote colleagues. You can meet for social activities together to create the experiences you had in the office.
9. Can and do others in the home respect the needed requirements for working from home (time, lack of interruptions.
10. Maintain some semblance of work time/hours. 

*Some jobs/companies will not return at all, some of our work force will need to discover/utilize different skills.

*Companies will ask themselves and challenge as to do they need as much office space as they have had in the past – if any. This would affect the commercial real estate industry.

*Those that always thought they wanted to work from home now may challenge that notion.

*There are those that thought they would “love” WFH, now not so much and those that absolutely “love” WFH.

*Are the things that are lost or diminished by working from home/remote worth the loss: decay in culture, lack of social interaction, collaboration, balance of home and work – are there solutions to these challenges?

*Can companies figure out how to maintain/create strong culture, collaboration and inclusivity?

*From a recruiting perspective will candidates “push back” against office based work?

I believe there is not one true right or wrong way or location to work, I also believe there will be changes, there will be the need to adapt hence bringing a new norm.
Another thought and question from the talent acquisition/recruiting perspective – Maybe the effect that COVID has had on jobs/employment has created this but recently I have had several individuals when contacted communicating an opportunity come back with the very first question What is the salary or salary range?

This person(s) are not even a candidate yet, sometimes asks the question before ever seeing a job description. I am curious as to what others think. Is this a result of the pandemic causing jobs to be eliminated? Is this a result of the loss or feeling of the lack of employer loyalty, job security or has this changed people’s thinking that money is now the #1 driver and not what you do or the contributions one may make?

I have been in talent acquisition long enough to know that yes there is the need to determine are the candidate and the role in the same range salary wise but the very first question? Not so sure.
I would be curious to know if others have heard or witnessed this – you can reach me via or via LinkedIn