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Whether it is the in house recruiting team or an external firm is assisting with filling a role, there are roadblocks that prevent, slow down or do damage to the hiring process. 

You can have the best of sourcing plans, engage and build an excellent candidate pool then sometimes the unexpected happens. So bring out the crime scene tape and block off the area, a snag in the hiring process has reared its ugly head!

There is not just one group or person that causes the crime scene tape to be used it could be multiple barriers that rear up in the hiring/filling of one role.  The culprits, as I will call them sometimes mean well but do not realize that they are causing the process to derail. The worst culprits are those that seem to get a thrill, a rise to their ego,

wait until the last moments before an offer is made to swoop in a squelch the entire process.  Waiting until the last moment not only makes the entire process seem like a waste of time it sends the wrong message to the candidate.

Barriers to the Hiring Process | P3 Integrity Recruiting - North Carolina, Job Recruiter - Hiring CompanyBarriers to the

The lineup of culprits can be the following:

  • Recruiter – it can be the recruiter but more than likely it is not.  What good recruiter, whether internal or external, is going to put forward candidates they have questions about or that have not been fully vetted?
  • HR – in some organizations HR carries too much power and excludes themselves from the process until the end. On the other hand, there are excellent HR partners that are involved, are a part of the process and make valuable contributions.
  • Hiring Manager – yep, the one that is supposed to be making the decision.  There are some that take their role as a hiring manager very seriously and perform their part with excellence and there are some that create quite the challenge.
  • Hiring Manager’s Boss – This is the one that usually does not have time to participate in the process as they should and waits until the end to throw everything off course.  As with the others, there are some that perform their role very well.

If there is a thorough intake with the hiring manager to include HR and the Hiring Manager’s boss then should there be too many barriers? 

Let’s look at some of the barriers that most of us can relate to.

The Hiring Manager who is afraid to make a decision.  This is usually the person that has the 11 member panel or round-robin interview day, they have the recruiter’s notes, has asked all participants their opinion, asks for candidate ranking from the participants, has interviewed the candidates maybe twice, invites their team to have lunch with the top candidates and has so much information they are paralyzed (analysis paralysis).  If they cannot make a hiring decision what type of business decisions are they making?  

The Hiring Manager’s boss that does not like the top candidate(s) – this is the person that no matter who the hiring manager wants to hire the boss has to have the last voice (they should be in alignment).  Then why have the hiring manager think they are making the decision when their boss will ultimately make the decision. Unless there is a glaring issue or problem empower the hiring manager to make the decision and be supportive.  Yes, there should be a discussion between the hiring manager and their boss as to why the hiring manager wants to proceed to an offer with their choice.

HR inserting themselves after the facts should have already been discoveredHR should be involved from the beginning especially in the in-take discussions when it comes to salary range, grade/band, relocation considerations, sign-on bonus discussions, sponsorship possibilities and other related topics.  Our HR brothers and sisters should be partners throughout the entire process not waiting until the crucial point of making an offer and they wield their power to halt the process. What type of message does this send to the candidate, not a very good one I can assure you.  

What or who are your barriers to hiring?  Let us know in the comments or on our Linkedin page.

They are there and are causing harm that you may not be aware of.  Part 2 coming in October.  

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