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Choosing an external recruiting partner isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly because it is a multi-faceted answer that can have long-lasting effects. This blog article will touch on why we do what we do @ P3 Integrity Recruiting, our beliefs as well as industry trends and facts when looking to engage an external recruiting partner.

An Understanding Recruiting Partner

“Where Do You Come From, What is Your and Your Teams Background” – this is a differentiator for us. As we now operate as an external recruiting partner all of our past experiences, where we grew up was from within the corporate, internal, in-house recruiting team. P3 understands the struggles, the challenges of having an open seat. We understand the challenges of hiring managers from trying to get an intake session accomplished to getting interviews scheduled and completed to the dreaded “analysis paralysis” that most (not all) hiring managers experience. We get it and work to minimize these challenges. A question that you as the client partner wants to have answered is how much time and effort with the firm put into qualifying and understanding your need and role requirements?

One That Makes The Best Use of Your Time

P3 understands the cost implications because of our internal recruiting experience. We will NOT waste your time “tossing resumes” to see if they stick. We will work hard to understand the role you are entrusting us with, target potential candidates that meets or exceeds the role targets. We will vet our identified candidates and those presented will have had an in-depth interview with our professional staff. We will present candidates that want to be a part of your company and want to live in the community where the role is located. That is why we ask the tough, thought provoking questions that are not yes or no responses but the why, have you thought or have you considered questions.  

An Advocate

When we partner on a role we seriously take on a role as your advocate – we think of ourselves as an extension of your company. We represent you and will strive to be a positive influence with candidates and in the world in which we co-exist.

We also take on the role as an advocate for our candidates. We work to represent them well because the candidates we present are not only vetted but qualified and are the best of candidates based on your specs and requirements.


We are not all things to all companies/people. If after discussing a role if we cannot fill the role we will tell you, if the salary is too low we will tell you, if there is anything that could be conceived as a negative by a candidate we will tell you. On the other hand we will confirm also the positive items that are a part of the role, search and or process. There is zero firms on the market place that can be all and do all – Zero, Nada, Zilch.


Some firms are and operate less than ethical or can be jerks. We take pride on being ethical and work harder at not being a jerk. The right partner will answer their phones, will respond to emails, will not poach candidates from you, a true partner will tell you not to hire one of their candidates if they fill it is not the right fit, communicate when the search is not going well and candidates are scarce.

Ready and Prepared

P3 will do everything to prepare and help a candidate be ready for interviews, travel, appointments and related items. This may necessitate our working closely together for the good and betterment of you, your company and the candidate(s).

No Surprises

As our leader (Jim Parker) has had the privilege to be in several leadership roles in his career one item that he has stressed to those internal teams and now to the team at P3 is let’s strive to have NO SURPRISES! P3 will work to minimize surprises, will go above and beyond to anticipate what those items may be and get answers ahead of time.

Setting Realistic Expectations

The firm and their partner must always agree on realistic expectations but keep in mind sometimes expectations can be an estimate. An example could be setting a time line of when you (the client partner) can expect to have candidates, is it summer when vacations are taking place and other factors that can effect timing. You still need to have expectations, strive to meet them but be patient as in recruiting you are dealing with one of the most unpredictable factors on this earth – Human Beings. If expectations sound too good to be true they probably are. 

Check Them Out 

As a potential client do your homework. Visit their website to see if what you are hearing you see as well. Some sites have testimonials/references review those. Ask for references. Review their LinkedIn profile and company page. The following are some potential questions you may want to consider asking the potential external recruiting partner (some of these you may find elsewhere.

What type(s) of roles do you usually fill? What is your wheelhouse?
What is the industry, channel, area or niche are they in?
Have they ever filled a position like the one you have open?
What is their process for search and indenting candidates?
What tools and technology do they utilize?
What is the fee structure? Review their contract/agreement
How do they communicate with clients?
How long will they work the search?

In conclusion choosing the right external recruiting partner will make a contribution to your business, make hiring easier and make your life less stressed.

Why not engage with P3 Integrity Recruiting today or when you have your next opening? We will strive to be an excellent partner, fill your role in a timely fashion with the right candidate but we will not be just someone that can do the job, we are more than that engage and experience the P3 difference.

P3 Integrity Recruiting – Founder and CEO Jim Parker
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